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About Our Shapes

by Nicholas Atgemis |

We get a lot of people asking about our shapes of bow ties and questions which we try to answer on the website and over Whatsapp as much as we can. But for those of you who are unsure as to how to size a bow tie, the answer is, there is no strict answer. It will come down to personality, the shape of your face, how far your eyes are apart, the style of suit you are wearing and more. So before you begin, perhaps look at the sizing below and then look in the mirror with a ruler and roughly see where you think you will fit in in terms of size. Our most prized shape, which is the most often cut for the website, is our modified butterfly. This fits MOST people, but on some it just doesn't suit. So it pays to do some research for yourself. Any questions, Whatsapp +61413140994


Andy Poupart Navy Silk Bow Tie


Different Bow Tie Shapes Explained