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Brand New Designs Will Flow From Confine

by Nicholas Atgemis |

One thing is for sure, Covid has been good for creativity. With no appointments at the Studio and so much more free time on my hands I am getting to sketch every day and work with designers and weavers more. The end products, I hope, will be so unique that you will be forced to part with some of that harder earned money that is going to be our new reality moving forward. My hope is that you end up appreciating the time and enormous money we throw at fabrics along with the cost of making out products in Australia. Lately it has been rather depressing to see how much we have had to discount stock to get it out there into the public - especially the face masks - but whatever - we are happy you are wearing them and the other day it was especially satisfying to see the smile on my seamstresses faces. We are now deploying the skills of additional workers too. This is a good thing. And if you are at home and want something to do and know how to sew, feel free to reach out on Whatsapp on +61413140994.


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