Probably our most loved shape and pattern, we offer our three pleated mask out as a tutorial to anyone who wants to make them at home. It is by far the most practical for every day use. 

You will need scissors, a piece of cardboard cut into a 23cm square, some pins, thread, a sewing machine and a capable pair of hands.

Once the two pieces of fabric are cut, simply follow the tutorial below.

It is not difficult to alter the pattern (as it is square) in order to allow for smaller faces for children. You will also need to adjust the elastic depending on the thickness of the elastic. 

Our recommendation is 1.5mm elastic which is more comfortable for the ears - but this also means that over time the elastic will lose some tension that wider elastics offer. 

We cut our elastic at roughly 8 inches on either side but this can change depending on elastics and the fabrics selected for a face mask.

Good luck and if you want my personal attention you can Whatsapp me on +61413140994 .



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