Do You Miss The Glamour And The Glitz?

Do You Miss The Glamour And The Glitz?

There was a time not that long ago when I felt that there was a possibility we might be back to our old lives by 2022 but I fear that we will be living with this virus for a lot longer and what a week it will be when, some years from now, the word Covid does not even appear in an online publication for a week or more.... That may take some time. 

In the meantime, expect that there will be less glamour and glitz, but perhaps begin to build up an idea in your head of what kind of rapture you might be in when you next get a proper hand written on fine cardboard paper invitation to some swellegant event that gets you thinking "now, for this one I am going to go all out!".

Today I offer you Liberace in London some time in the year 1977.

We hope you channel some of this at your first opportunity get!

Talk soon and you can find me on +61413140994

liberace bow tie le noeud papillon


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