We are now in the final weeks of lead up to Christmas 2020 and what a year it has been and don't we all need a good rest. I am extra McLovin the sheets we have been developing with custom logo details embroidered into the sheets as per your designs. We are now closing orders for delivery in Xmas 2020 but if you are happy to wait, it's going to be more enjoyable for you to have the artwork you desire done with delivery in early 2021. You will adore having your own set, I can guarantee you they are so comfortable and my fear that the embroidery might make them scratch or itchy has been allayed by having slept on them for weeks now and having no issue with it at all. Custom orders +61413140994 by Whatsapp where you can submit your artwork quite easily and show us what you are looking for in terms of designs and colourways. Pictured are sheets in our King Plus size with Le Noeud Papillon logo and etched tiger embroidery.