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Gave Proof Through The Night That Our Flag Was Still There ...

by Nicholas Atgemis |

There have been great US presidents on either side of the political spectrum and I am wishing our American customers the best in resolving the increasing divide and increasing amount of pressure that this particular year has had on the US. This morning at my Bondi Beach swim group a fellow member tried to hand out Trump/Pence hats and it immediately divided the entire group and practically had a group of Australians at each other's throats over what? Not even our country. That's testimony to how we view the USA even here Down Under. Your political system, your culture, has great sway on how we perceive the world. Sometimes I would like the US to have far less impact on the rest of us. All we seem to do these days is discuss China and the US, it's not fair on the rest of the family of countries that occupy the world. What to do with China? What's happening in the US this week? It reminded me of a great quote from the American historian Shelby Foote in the great documentary by Ken Burns on the American Civil War which was:

Before the war it was always the United States *are*, after the war it was the United States is... it made us an IS.

I think there is something in that. That conflict, when resolved, sadly in this instance it was a civil war, but when resolved, it brings people together. I wish our American friends health and safety in the face of many challenges and I look forward to seeing you on our website when and if the opportunity presents itself.