One of the ladies that was taught how to cut eye shades last week in the Studio said in passing to me that she had her own brand of sheets in Australia which piqued my interest because one thing I really do love it a comfortable be with great sheets. Finding good French linen sheets in Sydney is difficult. They are either not pure linen, often a linen cotton mix, or they are not French, or they are not in the colour you want them (cream or white is my preference). So it was very refreshing to know that her company, Ginger Dream, not only had them in stock, but that she could custom finish them with embroidery. I didn't miss the chance to get her to custom make some for me and I highly recommend having a look at her Instagram on @GingerDream.AU . The resulting sheets were great quality, pure linen and finished an embroidery that hopefully means they will never get lost at the laundromat.