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New Silk Eye Shades - Very Chic, Very Comfortable

by Morgane valentini |

I could wax lyrical about our eye shades but I wish to just simply reiterate that they are made of silks that are derived from either our mills in Como, Italy or else from the silk looms in Kyoto in the case of our Japanese yuzen silks. Where yuzen silks are used, we use them only for the face, each one carefully selected to get the most interesting details of the yuzen silk which is always 36cm wide. I don't use the yuzen ones so much, I find they are beautiful but more skewed towards ladies. The shape we are now running most is the smaller shape we developed last year. I prefer it now to the large aviator shaped eye shades. The compact ones stow more easily and there is still the same total 'blackout' from eye shades, which is their primary function. Block out light, comfortably. That's what their primary function is. The secondary being - look beautiful whilst blocking out light comfortably....

So a new batch is up on the website. They are one offs aside from the occasional neats we produce. Enjoy them whilst they last. 

Silk Eye Shades Face Mask Sydney Australia Le Noeud Papillon