The word that often springs to mind about our Majestic Black is plump. The same way the old masters painted women with a great fullness, which in those days suggested sexuality, sensuality and fertility; so our Majestic Black is perhaps more plump to suggest a higher caste of bow tie.

It's centre knot crease, the dimples on either side, the drape it offers on the underside along with the richness of the black satin silk we use - all of this plays into the presence of our best selling bow tie. Of course, if you hear it from me you will think there is a great deal of shill which is why today I am sharing the thoughts of one of our most recent Google reviews from David Paul in Hawaii.

Please read what he has to say.


D. Jordan
Hawaii, USA

The Majestic Black Bow Tie is the most magnificent bow tie in the world. I wore it on my wedding day paired with (1) a black tuxedo (dinner suit) for the ceremony (pictured); and (2) an ivory dinner jacket for the cocktail hour and reception. Nicholas (the owner of Le Noeud Papillon) was also a joy to work with. He swiftly answered all my questions via WhatsApp even though he is based in Australia, which is twenty hours ahead of Hawaii, where I am. The bow tie's lustre is alluring. In direct light, the Italian silk shimmers and sparkles. In more subdued lighting, the material takes on a pearlescent sheen. Its texture is luxurious. The relatively thick silk ensures that the knot stays firmly situated and protrudes elegantly from the collar (adding depth to the outfit). On the hand, the jacquard woven mogador silk is plush and glossy. The thicker silk also allows the finished knot to have deep dimples that add to the overall aesthetic. Its construction is solid. I practiced tying the bow numerous times prior to my wedding day, wrenching and twisting the fabric in pursuit of the perfect knot. The material maintained its structural integrity, and never showed any signs of wear. I wholeheartedly recommend The Majestic Black Bow Tie. Thank you Le Noeud Papillon and Nicholas! (Not sponsored)