To my mind Dr. Strangelove is one of the best comedies I have ever watched and it is in my opinion Peter Sellers' best work. I come back to it year after year. There is something brewing out there and humans around the world seem to be feeling the same anxiety about the environment, Brexit, the rise of China, the decline of the United States' power base. Corruption. Trump. Putin. The Ukraine. Impeachment hearings. Brazillian forest burning. Bush fires across Australia. Drought. Kurds. Syrians. Terrorist cells in major cities. Drug cartels. The rise of the Alt Right. The way the press beefs things up on one issue whilst turning a blind eye to another. And all of this uncertainty and anxiety lead me back to Dr. Strangelove. The manner in which one rogue commander could potentially blow up the entire globe. Or that the Austrian nuclear scientist advising the President is mentally unstable, possibly a psychopath left over from Nazi Germany. And all of it lead to a bad dream which made me ask Peter Howard to use that theme to come up with a canvas for the window. My hope is that it was just a dream. But the way things are going, one really couldn't tell.

I hope you like what Peter put in the window. It certainly gives the local residents something to stop and consider as they head towards the cafe next door. 


Peter Howard Artist Sydney Le Noeud Papillon Window