I have to say that a portrait from the last competition really stood out, and that was by Jonathan Newhouse in London. I received it and went "wow". 

Lately I have been sketching using instagram tutorials and on that basis I am asking that the next competition we return back to the world of analogue, pencil on paper, for the submissions. 

The only condition for this entry is that the portrait must be of yourself or someone you know, no famous people, unless you yourself are famous, in which case I can't stop you submitting. And we request that that person has some form of neckwear on. Yes, I have an agenda, that agenda is to remind people of the elegance of neck wear, be it silk scarves, bow ties, bandanas, neck ties and scarves and ascots. 

So, submissions close Nov 30th. You have plenty of time. Begin. 

Winner - $1000 gift voucher RRP for the website. 
2 Runners Up - $500 each. 

Good luck!