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by Nicholas Atgemis |

The basic philosophy is this - we cut a range of bow ties each week, many of them one-off pieces, then we load them up onto the website and sell them down by Monday morning. If I have done my work correctly, you will pay the RRP I have put on them. If I haven't, you will pick up what I personally think is a bargain. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. If I haven't done my job then I lose. It's that simple. And by the time I have finished packing the bow ties to be shipped Monday morning I am after lunch able to start cutting again. Some people I know think I am in idiot for doing this, that I am ruining my brand - I understand their perspective. But from mine, we don't wish to hold onto silk and the cash we generate simply gets plied into new designs. It's why we will run three to six to ten times the amount of designs on our website that our nearest competitor is able to offer. The one off pieces, all finished with rose gold hardware, are, in my opinion, some of the best if not the best bow ties in the world today. None of them are perfect. My ultimate goal is to hone my craft over time and keep exploring new textiles, new designs, new knots. Like the Japanese woodblock artists, I never seek perfection, I seek excellence over time. For custom work please Whatsapp me on +61413140994.