If there is one thing that I hold myself to it's that if I say I am going to do something I make sure I do it. It was something left over from my childhood, my mother used to give us a stern talking to saying "if you are going to do something, do it. Don't be an "I'm gonna". Do it!". 
So nearly forty years later I am still like a petulant child unable to focus on anything except what I want and when I am focused I am laser like. At other times I am a sloth, but we can delve into that on another occasion. 

The genesis of this was sighting wild brumbies on the plains of Currango in the National Park. Two months later we produced the first of the brumbies silks which I will show you in a separate post. Whilst I was sketching the initial concept, and I can't lie here, the bulk of the work was done by my illustrator Lucy, but when I began, concurrently as I was sketching a woman named Jilly Foster passed to me a book to read on the subject of wild brumbies. On the cover was a brumby in what appeared a very cold and stark environment though not necessarily snowing. I took a photo of it, and that's where this new silk came to life. 
Referencing Hokusai and Japanese woodblock printing I instructed Lucy to begin sketching with references the simplicity of Japanese wood block design to create three horses braving the winter snows. I think she has done a superb job and I am super happy knowing it's at the printers and come September we will begin sampling. 

Stay tuned.