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They Stay Loyal And They Reward Us - Our Customers That Is

by Nicholas Atgemis |

Our customers tend to stay loyal to us because they know we look after them and quite often they get extremely good offers so they keep coming back. This is Michael, as much a friend as a customer. We must exchange a Whatsapp or two every other week. He is currently in Palm Springs, California. He sent in this photo this morning. Our limited edition silk and gold lurex leopard design which we wove with one of Europe's top jacquard weavers in January. The benefit of every piece being cut by hand is that we can play with the design as we cut and find different parts of the silk to have fun with, especially on the larger repeats. Michael owns a Harley Davidson, no doubt when he rides his bike he will have a certain extra cache owing to the mask. Thanks for sending it in Michael. Whatsapp +61413140994 if you need your own mask made. 


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