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We Can Make Hand-Made Cushions From Any Of Our Superlative Fabrics

by Nicholas Atgemis |

Recently I placed a few cushions onto the website and a not a single person bought them - and understandably, it was perhaps because of the price. But to make a hand-made cushion from the fabrics we use is almost unheard of. Between the printed silk twills, the woven jacquard silks and the velvets we use, there is quite possibly no more money one could spend on fabric save from those unique Florentine makers of silk which produce for opera houses etc. We don't skimp on fabric is what I am saying. On this cushion, which I kept for myself, we took a 90x90 piece of printed silk, our very own Brazilian Carnival Dancer, then we took an orange organzina satin silk to form the piping and on the reverse is an Italian Raedelli velvet in a rich midnight blue. The finished size is 60x60 and it makes for a wonderful ornamental pillow/cushion for a bed which otherwise is finished very simply. Anyway, you now have a portal into my bedroom, which is rather simple and not as over the top as everything else I do in my life, mostly because when it comes down to it, I like simplicity when it comes to a space where you are tying to rest and find some inner peace - and God knows I have had many a sleepless night of recent. For custom made cushions it's best to Whatsapp me directly on +61413140994.