Our Yuzen collection fuses Old World Japanese craft in silk weaving, dyeing and painting with contemporary silks from the collection of Le Noeud Papillon to make limited edition pieces often featured with our signature 18k rose gold plated 925 sterling silver hardware. If you are not familiar with Yuzen silk, please do some research. The silk is woven from silk grown in sericulture across Japan. The fabric is then hand painted with a rice based resist which creates subtle nuance and through stencils a graduated and shaded effect can be applied to the silk which can not be done in traditional screen printing methods. As Yuzen is produced on 36cm wide rolls and the art covers great lengths before it is repeated, each one of these bow ties is a process of hand-selecting the right part of a piece of Yuzen silk and then cutting a contrasting silk from our house silks to complement the Yuzen on the reverse, creating a rich and vibrant reverso bow tie which can be tied to reveal either silk.