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Sho - Japanese Floral Yuzen Silk With English Woven Jacquard Polka Dots Bow Tie


100% Japanese Yuzen Silk Contrasted With Italian Mogador Satin Silk
Colour Is Purple, White, Green, Blue
Finished With 18k Rose Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Enamel Hardware
Hand Stitched Label
Self-Tying But Can Be-Pre-Tied
Shape Is Modified Butterfly
Finished Bow Size Is Approximately 12cm Wide By 7cm Tall

Made In Australia


Japanese Yuzen silk is woven in Japan by locally woven silk spun from Japanese sericulture. The silk is then treated with a starch resist and dyed using traditional dye stuffs. Some Yuzen silks take weeks to complete, hand-painted and dyed by Japanese artisans that have been perfecting the technique for 300 years. A limited selection of Yuzen silks have been contrasted with our Le Noeud Papillon woven jacquard silks from Italy. They are a statement bow tie, to be worn sparingly and preserved for the next generation.