Over the years we have received wonderful testimonials from customers in the form of emails, hand-written notes and gifts. This has been bolstered by great blogger reviews and coverage from international publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Monocle Magazine, The Indian Telegraph,  Die Welt ,  The Parisian Gentleman, A Suitable Wardrobe and Permanent Style. We've also been featured in numerous Australian publications such as The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian Financial ReviewTimeless Man,  Qantas Airways Magazine, The Weekend Australian and the Telegraph newspaper. 

However, the most important people we wish to impress are our customers. Here are a few notable testimonials we have received over the years.


Dear LNP, I got the bows. I was so touched by the note you put in it. Thank you so much. The bow is beautiful. It's nice to know in a world of uncaring people, that you took the time to care. I am very glad to deal with you. Thank you so much. You're the best. 

G. Borsella,
Florida, USA


Hi LNP, the cummerbund arrived today. Both are exactly what I was after, thank you for the express order and the level of service was excellent.

Matthew Hamilton
Diggers Rest, Victoria


Hello LNP,

I got my Yuzen bow tie and the T-Shirt last week. You made one of the most beautiful bow ties I have ever set my eyes on. (Opening the box and seeing the bow tie was like getting hit by the great wave of Kanagawa) It is a work of art! I am waiting to wear it this weekend to a birthday party. The patterns for each of these bow ties are so unique.

I'm going to send you a couple pics of me wearing the bow tie in the F. Scott Fitzgerald room in the next couple days.

D. Meisenburg,


Isn't it like seeing something beautiful in nature? Turning your head in one direction, only to be surprised by an ephemeral glimpse of beauty. You have a gift in choosing and cutting the perfect part of these hand painted silks, revealing this natural balance between selection and chance. Each one is precious. Thank you again for these works.

G. Thomas
Texas, United States Of America


Thanks again for such a prompt response, I went to a black tie event Tuesday night here in Dallas and once again, I had so many people ask me about my bow tie, and where I got it. Even though it is a black tie, it is still a show stopper, and people notice.

A. Bottomley
Dallas, Texas


Scented and everything! My beautiful, beautiful bow-tie arrived today.
Impeccably well-played, sir.

M. Stahl
Sydney, Australia


Dear Le Noeud Papillon, 

We can't thank you enough for ongoing support, we adore working with you and your bow ties are THE BEST ⭐️⭐️⭐️.

Kind regards, 

Brad Homes | Fashion Editor | GQ Australia


With my wedding imminent in late 2016 I had almost everything organised, almost. The theme was classic black and white and while I took great care and effort on having a bespoke tuxedo constructed for the big day I made the assumption that finding a nice bow tie to go with my ensemble would consist of a simple outing to one of any fine menswear stores in Melbourne.

You know what they say about assumptions don't you?

After searching high and low I realised, with one week to go, that finding the right tie, one that wasn't just a preformed, nasty, generic piece of shiny afterthought, was going to be tougher than I imagined.

After much research I stumbled across Le Noued Papillon's website and immediately called. I spoke with Nicholas and related to him my plight and exactly what I was looking for. He told me he might have what I was after in front of him and sent me a photo of this impeccable one piece diamond tipped bow. I purchased it and it was promptly sent to my home. Upon trying on the bow, to my dismay I realised that it was too short by 1-2cm. It was a gamble that didn't pay off as a one piece has absolutely zero tolerance and this bow was already made for a particular neck size which just fell short of mine. I spoke again with Nicholas, this time a little distraught as my wedding was a couple of days away, and he pointed me in the direction of P.Johnson tailors who might be able to help as they stock a limited number of his ties here in Melbourne. Upon entering their store, the day before my wedding, they were able to provide me with a tie even more suited to my tuxedo and one of absolute singular beauty. Nicholas immediately pledged to return my payment for the first tie upon receiving it back and wished me a happy wedding.

Now you see gents I go on about this and I'm sure some of you think I sound more like the bride than the groom (I'm actually a bit of a "bloke" to be fair) However if you place importance on quality then details like this definitely matter. You will not find better quality than this anywhere.

More important is the quality of service. The service you have shown me is so rare these days it is to be applauded. I would recommend to anyone looking for the best quality in both product and service to definitely reach out to Nicholas and his team at Le Noeud Papillon. You will not regret it.

All the best,

D. Ettakadoumi
Melbourne, Australia


Each time I want to buy a new bow tie, I think of Le Noeud Papillon. The very first bow I bought from you, and now I have four. The last one I received I wore last Monday, and yet again more than ten people told me they loved it. It’s so magical to wear your bow ties, that it’s impossible for me to buy from another brand. As I go to Charvet for my ties, so I go to Le Noeud Papillon for my bow ties. Thank you for everything. 

O. Jovet,
Denain, France


Dear LNP,

I don't regularly use bow ties in my daily outfit, nor when I'm at the bar. My usual ensemble is suit with a tie or without a tie.

As I live in Norway, even this will be too "dressed up" for most people, but I really enjoy a well tailored suit, a hand sewn shirt and hand welted shoes.

I don't pick my clothes to please others, I do it to please myself, just as when I open a bottle of wine, I don't drink it for others, I drink it for myself (usually not by myself).

I only own one bow tie, and that is The Donald from Le Noeud Papillon, for my dinner suit. There is no other way I will use any other bow tie than from Le Noeud Papillon for my tuxedo, you are really the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti in the world of bow ties.

I wish you a best of luck for the coming years, though I suspect my Donald will last longer than me. Quality, made with love for the craft.

Thank you,

R. Tjosvoll,


Dear LNP,

Your bow ties are the ROLLS ROYCE of bow ties.

Bow ties are exceptional in every way, they stimulate human special senses. 
For myself when I wear them (daily), they give me the feeling that each bow tie is made exclusively for me.

Best wishes,

H. Paul,
Western Australia.


My fascination with bow ties began last Christmas Eve. Not long after I found a website claiming Le Noeud Papillon the best bow ties in the world. As a Melburnian I was typically suspicious of this claim. All suspicion was abandoned, however, when the first order arrived. Opening the stylish packaging a now familiar fragrance burst forth, setting the scene for the reveal. These ties are seriously classy, one might say decadent. I've ties from around the world, but these silks are set apart by the cut, quality and design, and they keep their shape all day. I wear them almost daily and receive compliments about them almost every day from men young and old, and women too. In formal, work and casual contexts I never run out of an excuse to wear one. They really set you apart. Once you've found the right length and mastered the rather straightforward knot, there's no turning back. 

P. Carmody
Melbourne, Australia


No single adjective can fully comprehend the Le Noeud Papillon bow. Elegant, exquisite, ostentatious, while true, all fail to correctly represent what is notably the greatest bow tie in the world.

Nicholas has consistently re-raised the standard to which bow ties are compared to today. Quality that comes second to none and unique silk designs (sometimes years in the making) are what puts Nicholas's work above the rest.

Until recently, I was always on the fence about wearing bows, but since my first purchase (December 2015), my collection has increased tenfold to which I find myself consistently turning to when looking to elevate even my most extravagant outfits.

Since investing in LNP whether it be in the bow, classic tie, pochette, lapel flower, or scarve, the benchmark for quality in my wardrobe has been raised respectively. I have confidence my collection will see through part of my life and prospectively be passed onto the next generation.

Thank you for continuing to surpass even my greatest expectations.

N. Allen,
Canberra, Australia


I have a love of the finer things in life and I know quality when I see it, Le Noeud Papillon bow ties are of exceptional quality, they are handmade by craftsmen from the finest silks in the world, many are designed in house and represent values of old that are lacking in today's world, they are made with passion, skill and attention to detail that would embarass some of the larger luxury brands.

I love wearing my classic black bow tie with my tuxedo, it is timeless, stylish and majestic, and whilst it is a private pleasure it has not gone unnoticed by others.

I can highly recommend Le Noeud Papillon Bow ties, not only are they the finest in the world but the elegant and thoughtful packaging and friendly customer service adds to the finer details to provide a true luxurious experience.

G. Hilton


The Majestic Black is truly the gold standard when it comes to bow ties. It is stunning in its depth and has a magical ability to pique one's interest even though the less interested would say it's just a black bow tie.

It goes perfectly with any black tie ensemble and is best self tied with just a little unevenness to show its character.

I love the rare occasions I get to wear it. It is truly the cherry on top of both my outfit and my night.

H. Choi
Sydney, Australia


Whenever I wear bow ties, its exclusively Le Noeud Papillon. I have a at least five bows personally, and have given them as gifts at special occasions, and they have always been met with an initial look of bewilderment but always a postponed deep gratitude. From the unboxing to the feel of the silk when tying, your bows, like all proper luxury goods, are an experience. But, just like d'aphinois cheese, your bows are a treat - they can be savoured, but it is easy to over indulge. Whilst not all recent patterns have quite been to my taste, the creativity and commitment to quality in design makes them objectively beautiful items. Unfortunately, though, I cannot buy them for every day, but they have, and will continue, to mark many special days in my life.

M. James
Victoria, Australia


They are like having a work of art around your neck for the world to see.

J. Kalinowski
Sydney, Australia



The best bow ties in the world (in my experience at least). And for a great price. Skip a mass "luxe" fashion label that makes thousands of pieces a year, unless you're only interested in the brand name.

If you're more interested in the look, style, and fit of the piece, this the place.

Really enjoy the regular updates in instagram too. Great to see what new silks and things are coming through.

All the best, look forward to my next purchase!

S. Campbell,
NT, Australia


Wearing a Le Noeud Papillon (LNP) bow tie means you have an impeccable sense of style. It’s not just an accessory; it’s a statement piece that tells a story to the world about my individual character. Wearing an item of this calibre naturally captures attention, and even though they are red carpet quality, they deserve to be shown off all the time. My distinctive style means I’m wearing my bow ties daily, they are a part of my unique way of looking at the world, and how I represent myself to the world. A LNP bow tie isn’t just another bow tie it’s speaks to a way of life, LNP know this, they are artisans and the level craftsmanship, care and attention to detail is second to none.

C. McBride
Blackheath, Australia


Dear Le Noeud Papillon,

I am writing to express my delight and complete satisfaction with your bow ties, your blog, and your customer service. Most of all, I am delighted by three things: the sumptuous quality of your fabrics, which are unmatched even at the highest-end retailers; the eclectic mix of classic and fashion-forward designs; and the meticulous, obsessive detail with which each of my more than 15 LNP bows has been crafted. Your recent pocket squares, La Belle Dame and Marguerite, have been a special treat for my after-hours wardrobe, and a great conversation starter among close friends.

Thank you for letting us all benefit from your creativity and artistry.
Kind regards,

Ahmad D.
Philadelphia, USA


I have now purchased 14 Le Noeud Papillon bows over the last 6 years, and they have never failed to impress in terms of quality, uniqueness and providing a statement. LNP bows always illicit a chorus of positive compliments and enquiries as to where they were purchased. LNP continues to walk that fine line of providing beautiful bows, without over saturating the market - meaning the wearer continues to feel that their piece is theirs alone. Over time I have broadened my purchases to include pochettes, flowers and even a couple of the decadent eye masks. The quality and vibrancy of LNP's productions is always a level above.

C. Cullinane
Sydney, Australia


Dear LNP,

I wanted to write and tell you how thrilled I am with my two bows - they are magnificent! Your service from start to finish was first class.

Please be assured of my return custom!


PS Thank you also for the ‘bow tie t-shirt' - I love it :)

M. Grant


Dear Le Noeud Papillon,

I thank you most sincerely for the bow tie.

As you will see from the attached photograph, it was clearly superior to that worn by the _. and the straight ties worn by the _.

Your contribution to my sartorial elegance is greatly appreciated!

Best regards,


J. Coates AC, Sydney, Australia


Hi Le Noeud Papillon,

I wanted to say a big thank you for your beautiful bow ties. It is great to see Aussie businesses with so much passion in their product.

The Majestic Black bows looked great at our wedding. I had never worn self-tying bow ties before so I have now taught myself to tie them up. I have now decided that I will never wear a pre-tied bow tie again!

Thank you again.

T. Messenger, Sydney, Australia


Often copied, never equalled. The Majestic Black by Le Noeud Papillon. #probablythebestbowtieintheworld

The Snob Report (@thesnobreport)


The two bow ties have been received, and they are beautiful and perfect. Thank you.

C. Pham
Melboure, Victoria


So, today my tie arrived (in Brisbane) a day after purchasing online (along with pocket square). Calling this thing a tie would not be doing it justice. This tie is exquisite. If tie's were cars, this would be the Maserati or Ferrari of ties. The quality of material, quality of gold buckle, the little stamp on the clasp, the knot, the feel, the certificate (yes, it came with a certificate), the classy shape compared to 'every other' silk tie out there is just on another level. This tie will be proudly worn on my wedding day. Thank you for helping me out with style also.

P. Thistleton
Brisbane, Australia


I would like to take this time to opine my experience regarding Le Noeud Papillion (LNP) products.

I have the privilege of owning LNP bow ties, braces, pocket squares (both cotton and silk), ties and lapel flowers.
To some a bow tie is a comical attire and, upon witnessing the lower grade representations, one has to agree. However, I have been granted with the highest level of compliment, imitation from those once loathed to participate in the discourse, with regards to my LNP bow ties. Never once have I received anything but admiration and astound concerning LNP bow ties. When one has the opportunity to wear something of the highest quality, and I use this term in its absolute sense here, not just as a matter of course, it is noticed, it is admired and when it really reaches the superlative, it is then copied.

I have enjoyed every one of my 27 bow ties. I have also had the pleasure of owning a magnificent set of purple silk braces and many other LNP products, all of which attract admiration for no lesser reason than they are the superlative.

M. Stockwell
Queensland, Australia


The postage is great, I am also impressed with your regular engagement with followers on instagram and your emails always have me checking the website, though I seldom have the funds to get as I'd like.

Also really enjoy the instagram, one of the better men's fashion ones in general.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

S. Campbell
Darwin, Australia


Hello LNP, 

I recently bought the Phillip bow tie - it was awesome. I received a lot of compliments and it was definitely a beautiful and original piece. The way it was tied was especially impressive.Ana Limited Edition

E. Greenwood
Sydney, Australia

I love Le Noeud Papillon bow ties and I believe they are the best of quality. I have never been able to find any other bow tie out there that even comes close. I have a passion for having good quality ties and bow ties. I am always eager to show people the bow ties that I have bought from LNP. I have even gone into stores that I shop to show them the quality and have asked them to contact Le Noeud Papillon to see if they could do some orders.

My worry is what happens when you stop doing business?

A. Reynolds
British Columbia, Canada


"Again, love your ties. [Here is] Your navy bow tie with my navy Tom Ford shawl collar dinner suit. Its great how well and easy they tie. Also, they really stand out and let the world know you tied your own."

D Meisenburg, USA


Le Noeud Papillon Of Sydney makes the most amazing bow-ties and silk lapel flowers in the world! I am up to my 8th bow-tie so far and I will be collecting more soon!
Recently, a very respected and distinguished gentleman made a point of privately complimenting me, that in my Le Noeud Papillon bow tie I looked just like an aristocrat. I was dressed wearing a John Cutler suit with a Le Noeud Papillon bow-tie. LNP silk and cashmere scarves are also of the finest quality.

Andrew P.
Sydney, Australia


I recently received my ‘Number 5’ bow tie from Le Noeud Papillon Of Sydney which looks even better in the flesh than on your website. I'm always pleasantly surprised by how quickly your parcels arrive. The process of removing the ribbon and opening the monogrammed box to find a perfectly wrapped masterpiece, scented with the fragrance of mandarin is a heady experience. It recalls memories of anticipation and excitement when opening a present as a child. Every detail of the presentation has been
 carefully choreographed and wonderfully executed by the team at LNP.

Using the occasion of my latest purchase to organise my bows, I was surprised to discover I had purchased 13 from LNP, excluding pocket squares and boutonnières. All in a surprisingly short period of time. My wife remained silent except for a single quietly spoken word, "13?”. The question hung in the air.

Searching, I explained my purchases as forward planning or perhaps a sudden rush oOrlandof blood whenever LNP announces a Dutch Auction or a Flash Sale.

Had I not been caught off guard, I could have said that choosing a single bow had proven to be impossible, as they seem to have an almost addictive quality. Or perhaps, I buy them for the same reason that people climb mountains, because they are there?

Later, over a glass of wine, I finally found an answer with which I was happy. The truth is, I take great pleasure in wearing the best bow ties I have ever seen and unlike many articles of clothing, the absolute best is affordable to almost anyone who feels so inclined.

Thank you Le Noeud Papillon for your excellent and personal service. I remain your loyal and happy customer.

W Cardwell
South Coast, New South Wales, Australia



About a year ago, you were kind enough to agree to produce a series of custom neckties for me. I now have five, and wear one each day (around chambers, to Court when not robed, to functions etc). As much as I’ve enjoyed the exclusivity of our project, this note (which I’m happy for you to upload) is intended to share with your LNP readers your talent with neck ties.

Attached are some pictures of the most recent tie you produced for me, I believe you said both sides were alternating natte basket weave silks you had loomed in Como. I love it, and have had numerous people ask about it. As you know, I prefer double-sided ties with contrasting patterns/colours, and strong, neat, and discreet stitching - so that each side stands on its own merits, and can be flipped for the occasion. You’ve achieved that perfectly.

Notwithstanding that you’ve produced the ties with fine Italian silks, they're incredibly durable. No signs at all of pulling around the knotted section (or elsewhere), or any fraying of the silk or stitching. I can see that each tie will be an active wardrobe piece for many years to come.

I’m not sure whether you intend to expand your business to cover neckties (as an additional staple to bows), but I suggest you do. They’re no more expensive (or cheaper) than designer brand ties (Italian name, but produced in 2nd world countries), but of substantially higher quality (at the standard for which you’re renowned with your bows).

It puts a spring in my step knowing that I have an LNP around my neck each day, and I’m sure other LNP followers would feel the same.

I’ll contact you this week to arrange a time for my next visit at the Vaucluse LNP Studio.

Many thanks,

Sydney, Australia


To Lovers Of Bow Ties,

I just received the latest bow ties ordered from Le Noeud Papillon. I have now almost twenty bow ties from them. All are very special from the packaging, variety of colours, design, material and overall quality. I have also bow ties from other luxury bow tie makers but the variety of design and quality found at Le Noeud Papillon is exceptional. The velvet bow ties in particular are of the highest quality and similar quality and design simply cannot be found elsewhere. I recently wore the "Purple Prince" in a wedding and received many compliments.

I am a very satisfied customer and would recommend it to anyone who has a passion for bow ties. Keep up the good work at Le Noeud Papillon.

London, UK.


Hello Le Noeud Papillon,

A lovely end of the week surprise indeed, as two very tired Papillon's flew through the door after a fast but rather long flight from Sydney…

As soon as I felt the sturdiness of the "box" (which turned out to be two boxes ! ") I knew there was something extra special inside, and I was more than rewarded from my first impression!

Beautiful regal blue box, gift wrapped elegantly with blue & elegant gold writing on ribbon, when opened a gentle essence of stately masculine perfume …

Thank you for the additional tie, so very different in contrast to each other, and I shall wear them proudly only knowing partially the great endeavour in realizing their existence.

Enclosed below is a picture of them I shot on my daughter's grand piano after I received them.

I shall certainly mention when asked who created these splendid bow ties…


L. Roblin - Milan, Italy


 Dear Le Noeud Papillon Of Sydney,

Thank you so much for the beautiful bow ties, flower and pocket square I received yesterday. As always, I'm very pleased with the quality, presentation and style of everything you make. I purchased the Bruno previously and it should go perfectly with the orange and blue square and a navy suit when the weather cools enough to get back in a suit.

Kind Regards.

W. Cardwell, South Coast, NSW, Australia


Dear Le Noeud Papillon:

I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I was with my new smoking jacket, bow tie and pocket square.  They are beyond my wildest expectations.  The quality of the quilted silk in the first to arrive jacket is amazing.  It is as light as a feather, feels like it weighs virtually nothing yet looks like a trillion dollars.  The tailoring was incredible and  it fits better than anything I have ever had made and is even more comfortable to wear.
I want to also thank you for your patience and attention in the ordering process.  I have never worked with a made-to-order company that delivers this type of top-quality and professional service.  

As you know, this led to my purchase of three additional smoking jackets, your cashmere, your Sidney and your black silk.  Each one is amazing in different ways. I am looking forward to buying more items from your diverse choices as your judgment in selecting and making the items you offer is unparalleled. 

In all seriousness, prior to meeting you by way of the Internet, I researched the world for the best products of the type that you provide.  In my opinion,you are the best, among any, including any so-called top shelf chains and brands.  Having come to know you a bit in our dealings, it is easy to understand why - you are a world-class person of the first order.  I have unabashedly recommended you to any of my friends who are even thinking about buying any of the wonderful apparel you sell.  I am very happy you are getting the acclaim and notoriety that your company deserves, and, to any that have not experienced the quality of your products, I would urge them to not hesitate – it is truly a wonderful experience. 

Breton B, Los Angeles, USA


 Dear Le Noeud Papillon Of Sydney,

Many thanks for your prompt response. I did - as you might have seen - buy the bow tie. I will wear it as part of the formal academic dress at my university and hence a slightly “bohemian" look is much welcomed.

This isn’t the first bow tie I have bought from Le Noeud Papillon and I just thought I should let you know how pleased I am with my other ones. They look terrific and add the perfect touch to one’s black tie attire. Nowhere else have I seen the breadth of choice and level of quality when it comes to bow ties!

Best wishes,

P. Zelter, Oxford, England


I received my bow tie today. Thank you very much! I'm thrilled with it, as is my fiance - I will be wearing the bow tie for my wedding. 

I do have a question though - what is the scent that the box smells of? It smells like a cologne ... my fiance also loves that so if you could pass along the brand or scent It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

C. Casazza,

Philadelphia, USA


Dear LNP,

Just a quick thank you for putting on a truly inspired sale.
I have to confess that I never really imagined myself to be much of a bow tie aficionado.
However, Le Noeud Papillon has changed all that..forever. My collection has now almost tripled thanks to my frenzied buying spree at the LNP Dutch auction.
I absolutely love the bespoke quality of LNP bow ties and equally impressed with the behind the scenes customer service! Got to love those Newsletters as well.
I look forward to seeing the new silks and designs on your website soon.
Have a good rest.

Thank you,
Best regards,

Christopher K
Tokyo, Japan


Dear Le Noeud Papillon!

Some months ago I wrote to you that I fell in love in your little beauties. (I must add that it was love from the first sight!). That time I was thinking: "I'd like to have one or two of them" That was first bow ties in my life. "Let me try". And I tried. And I loved myself as a bow tie man. Now I have more then dozen of them and I'm looking forward for your new silks. Now it is not just love it is almost an addiction... Addiction for the beauty. Exclusive beauty!

Thank you LNP!

Dimitri L,


Dear LNP,

Thanks for hosting such an exciting event. The Dutch Auction Sale was a first for me. You definitely grabbed my attention at 40% off. After that I was hooked ! Thanks to you, I got a lot of Christmas shopping this week ! I am looking forward to receiving my new bows and lamenting the ones that got away. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next !!!

Best Regards, 
Rhett S.
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


Hello Le Noeud Papillon
I trust this note finds you well (and perhaps a little rested following your recent busy schedule?)
Can I resist everything except temptation? Absolutely not! I have placed four orders with you over the past few weeks making full use of your recent (and really special) Dutch Auction. During this time I have received three of the most beautifully crafted bow ties in the most wondrous silks that one can imagine. I really cannot wait to receive the further three bow ties I have ordered; which will only be bettered (I believe) by the receipt of an utterly divine silk/cashmere scarf in red and navy along with a selection of your excellent handkerchiefs from order number four. I truly cannot wait.
As a lover of the finer things in life, I would like to thank you for everything thus far and I look forward to the your new season's offerings. I am in no doubt that I will be contacting you very soon with an order of five or more.
Kind regards
Anthony R,
Norfolk, United Kingdom


Thanks so much, LNP!

I just came home from work and found your delivery on my doorstep! I really can't get over how amazing your products and customer service are!

I've been a bowtie devotee for a while now. I'm 24 and there hasn't been a day in the last 3 years I've not worn a bow.

I discovered you by accident a little under 6 months ago. I'm now the proud owner of 9 of your bowties.

I've not bought a bow from anyone else since. And to be honest. I'm not sure if I ever will again.

I'm yet to find any other designer OR manufacturer with near the level of quality or pride in their product. Wearing one of your bows makes your whole day better. I work in customer service and am constantly complimented on how wonderful your ties are.

They make children happy, adults respect your sense of style and Doctor Who fans lose their minds!

In the end, it's all about looking good, and knowing it. And I'd just like to thank you at LNP for facilitating my style, awesomeness and eccentricity every day.

Your biggest fan,

Tom Carle

New South Wales, Australia


Subject: Best Bow Ties on the Planet

Wanted to say thank you for posting pictures (on your blog) I sent you from my vacation in Monaco.  I was a great surprise and happy to "show off" your awesome velvet Dicky bow tie.  I own several of your ties and wear them often.  I'm attending THE largest black tie events in Chicago.  Opening night Gala and Opera Ball at the Lyric Opera House. At this event  I will wear your "Clubs" limited edition silk bow tie.  Will send pics……it should be an ocean of bow ties this event.  

Thanks so much for making the best bow ties on the planet!

D Meisenburg



Dear LNP,
It has been remiss of me not to be in contact sooner.  I have had two excellent evenings of late, made all the better by being accompanied by two of your signature bows and pocket squares.  I enjoyed a terrific evening celebrating Christmas in July this year, and most recently my father in law’s 70th birthday, and on both occasions stole the show with your fine silks.
I sent you a photo some years back of me in one of your original bows in action at a wedding – if you recall, a bright beauty sporting horizontal stripes of red, gold and blue and pointed ends.  It did the trick at the 70th this past weekend, the mature crowd enjoyed every bit of it.
Many thanks, it is always fun to have something positive and distinct to talk about at a special event.
All the best,

H. Toll
Sydney, Australia


Up until now, I’ve only owned some fashion brand bows which were all I knew.  Wow, was I surprised at what a real quality bow is like to see, touch, and wear.  My LNP bows are much beefier, better made, and just way more beautiful to look at than anything I have in my current wardrobe.

I wore the Kirk this past weekend and received several complements.

More LNP ties will definitely be in my future.


J Krupa
Ontario, Canada


Hey LNP - I just wanted to let you know that I got the braces yesterday and they are freakin beautiful! Thanks for the great service.  If I decide to replace my bow tie before the big day, I will definitely look your way.  
E Kornel,
New York, USA



Let me commend you on your skills. The two bow ties I got from Le Noeud Papillon are awesome: expertly made and of lush, soft, fat silk – I would recommend you without any hesitation.

A. Oldham
Sydney, Australia


The ties are always amazing and of the highest quality. I have worn them at a number of special occasions (including my wedding) and have always been complimented on how great they look.

I always appreciate the prompt delivery, premium packaging and certainly feel I'm getting what I pay for.

S. Casimir
Sydney, Australia


Dear Le Noeud Papillon,

I've been a bow tie aficionado for several years now, and for me there have been plenty of labels that have captured my attention. Very few, however, have managed to hold it, and yours, LNP, is clearly one. For me, I feel like the need to sing the praises of your wares is unnecessary; surely their style and quality are apparent to all who view them. That is certainly the case when I wear them, because even though I'm hardly the photogenic sort (and I've sent you proof of this!) I receive compliments on my neck wear all the time. I wish I could take credit for this, but if I'm being honest, I must attribute the lion's share of the source of such fanfare to my bow ties -- or, more specifically, my Le Noeud Papillon bow ties. As long as they remain so unique, well made and stylish, I will remain a loyal devotee.


Ben Pearson,
Coquitlam, Canada