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We are LE NOEUD PAPILLON from SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. We are a dedicated self-tying bow tie artisan maker that serves customers around the globe for both bow tie enthusiasts and for weddings and celebrations. Our craftsmanship and commitment to fine quality silks has earned us the reputation as the best bow tie maker in the world. Menswear writers and enthusiasts from Hugo Jacoment (The Parisian Gentleman / The Italian Gentleman) to Andy Poupart (Style After 50) have often cited us as the leader in both quality and design.

Andy Poupart, Style After 50

Working with our own hands we cut and sew our own products as well as working with fine producers from Italy, Scotland and England to produce small batches and limited edition runs of products such as kerchiefs, traditional neck ties, pocket squares and more. 

However, we pride ourselves on producing as much of our production in Sydney, Australia. Our Studio in Sydney's exclusive Vaucluse, offers customers the chance to touch and feel their way through our current and archived fabrics so that they may gets something TOTALLY UNIQUE, that cannot be re-produced anywhere in the world. As we are famed for making some of the most unique designs in tie silks anywhere in the world, our reputation has now extended to making superlative face masks, cushions, pillow slips, bomber jackets and tailored suits.

We would like to welcome you to our store or to reach out to us via We Chat or Whatsapp +61413140994 where we will attempt to give you the same experience that we might offer if you came to see us in person.

The secret to our success is simple; we look after our customers and we are passionate about only making the best of the best.

Please see our website on www.lenoeudpapillon.com for further information.