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Crossing The Kerries 2022 Kerchief | New!!!

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Crossing The Kerries Hand Roll Stiched Kerchief 90cm Square


Limited Edition
Colour Is Grey, Pink
Double Sided Print
Hand Roll Stitched
90cm Square


Our new double sided kerchiefs are completely unique owing to their same same print on both sides using a special 18mm silk twill. This new design you would know from our Instagram stories. Part of the Australian Alpine limited edition series. 


To journey is to arrive is such a cliché these days with all the self help and "the power of now" type books out there trying to motivate us that we can all be some better version of ourselves…. But a book doesn't really do it for me as much as experiencing the real thing. Because, when you are out there in white out conditions and the snow is like sand blasting against your face, you can no longer feel your finger tips, your mountain guide just fell off a two metre cornice with his sled landing a metre to his right, your calf muscle feels like it will rip any minute now and the blister in your right heel that is the size of a 50 cent piece is gnawing at you through a wet sock, then, at that moment, you realise you are well and truly on the journey and you know that once you arrive next to a warm furnace in the most remote of huts, filled with the most fascinating people, at that point, you will wish you were back out there in the grind of it all, in that moment. Yes, it's nice to arrive, but to journey is where the spirit is. This will be our new silk kerchief - And So It Was That The Final Traveller Crossed The Kerries - 90cm kerchief and 42cm pocket square.


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