Eye Shades #100 | New!!

  • Eye Shades #100 | New!!

Eye Shades #100 | New!!


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Eye Shades - Completely Enveloped Silk Eye Shades Lined With Australian Felted Wool. Non-Irritating, Functional, Beautiful. Why Use Synthetics?


100% English, Italian Or Japanese Silk Jacquard
Lined With Australian Felted Merino Wool
Completely Block Out Light
Non Skin Irritating
Hand Stitched Label

Made In Australia



Our silk eye shades are so good that I don't ever think we've had an unhappy customer. We make a small batch every now and then based on what we've been cutting for bow ties. Silk is made of proteins fibroin and serecin, so close to the proteins of human skin that we find it non-irritating. And that is one helluva reason to adopt them. Here is what a customer has said:


Le Noeud Papillon has an exceptional eye for quality and a business dedicated to its customers. Nicks ability to go above and beyond for a perfect bow is second to none. I’ve known about LNP for about a year and heard about his business through a friend who is an avid buyer of bows. My main draw card was the eye shades. I suffer horrid migraines and his eye shades are honestly the biggest help when I’m suffering. I’ve since purchased some of his expectional ties and his lapel flowers. I’ve never been able to fault the products or the service. A definite must for anyone seeking to elevate their collection.

Brad S.,

Sydney, Australia