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Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Le Noeud Papillon Of Sydney gift card.

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The Alternative Idea For A Christmas Present For Your Dad, Uncle, Friend, Boss, Colleague, Angel Investor, Brother Or Bromance.

We can think of a dozen reasons why you would be better off getting one of our bow ties this Christmas over anything else. I will list them succinctly in the hope that we can entice you to consider purchasing one of our gift cards as we lead into the Christmas trading period.

1. Your boss will never forget our bow ties nor our packaging.

If you work in a white collar styled job, chances are your boss has to go to at least one black tie function a year. If you purchase a bow tie from us, you'll guarantee he will look better than 99% of the other men in the room who don't own our bow ties and who don't know how to tie their own bow tie. As an added advantage, we can tie the bow tie for you when redeeming the voucher.

2. Your father should look old world chic.

Old men in black tie look that much more refined when they have tied their own bow tie and there is no better way of giving thanks to the man that in part gave you life than with something as wonderful and timeless as a self-tying bow tie.

3. Scotch and wine are drunk and the bottle goes out in the recycling

Don't get me wrong, scotch is wonderful. I mean, fabulous. And I love receiving it as a gift. But unless you drink it with the person you bought it for it is rarely remembered and although you hope it will be drunk in some sort of ceremonious way where the recipient considers you and your friendship as the first drop is poured, chances are it will be drunk late one hot night in January when everybody is three sheets to the wind and can't find any more booze in the cabinet.

4. You rarely find one shape fits all.

Buying a gift card allows the recipient to choose the right bow tie shape for their face. That might not seem that important to you, but if your recipient gets the wrong shape for his face, he might not enjoy the bow as much.

5. You can't find a selection of bow ties like this anywhere else in the world.

There are other companies that offer a wider range of bow ties than us, but not in woven Italian and English silk jacquards. But, more importantly, it's not just what we have on our site, but what we have in our archives that we can cut which makes us a helluva lot more comprehensive than our competitors.

6. Said to be one of the best formal bow ties in the world today

It was Hugo Jacomet of the The Parisian Gentleman who said in 2014 that our Majestic Black was probably one of the best formal black bow ties in the world today. We're pretty sure we've maintained that standard throughout 2015 and will continue to do so in 2016.

7. Our clips mean you only need to tie it once.

The way our bow ties are made allows us to tie the bow tie once and then using our hook and slide system the bow tie can be forever adjusted, attached and unattached without unfastening the bow. Of course we prefer you tie it each time for the sheer enjoyment of the process, but for the international man of mystery it's not a bad thing to know his bow tie is tied inside the breast pocket of his tuxedo ready to go once he reaches the tarmac of his destination.

8. We really do mean limited editions....

Apart from black silk, Le Noeud Papillon prides itself in never holding more than 30 bow ties worth of silk in anyone fabric. This ensures that we cycle through fabrics relatively quickly and ensures that we stay fresh and relevant. So, the chances are, if you see someone wearing a bow tie from Le Noeud Papillon, you won't see it again on anyone else (unless it's black).

9. Made In Australia, how many companies can still claim that?

All our bow ties are made in Australia and have been made like that since we started and we hope, long into the future. Making in Australia is something we have been passionate about because our whole ethos and identity is driven by the desire to be proud of what we make and the country in which we made it. Whilst some of our lines, such as smoking jackets, are made in Italy, our core business of self-tying bow ties, is still 100% made in Australia.

10. You are in good company.

We are prevented from bragging about who wears our bow ties, mostly because our customers can often be quite private about their purchases, but needless to say many of them end up appearing on our Instagram handle @ lenoeudpapillon . Not that buying one of our bow ties will make you famous, but certainly it's nice to know that people whom you might admire for their style and joie de vivre also happen to own our bow ties, ties, shirts and pocket squares.

11. We mark every bow tie before it goes out.

There is never a bow tie that isn't inspected by us prior to being dispatched. That's not to say we have never made mistakes... It's just that we make very few because we care about each and every package that leaves the building.

12. New silks every other week.

We continue to research and develop new silks every week and receive a new delivery of silk designs every other week, so a bow tie not purchased today may mean you find something even better in the next fortnight.