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Nero (Black Velvet Reverso)

Nero (Black Velvet Reverso)



Nero - Black Cotton Modal Velvet Reversed With Black Mogador Satin Silk Reverso Bow Tie


100% Italian Jacquard Woven Mogador Silk And Cotton/Modal Velvet (English)
Colour Is Black
Finished With Black Hardware
Hand Stitched Label
Self-Tying But Can Be-Pre-Tied
Modified Butterfly Pictured
Finished Bow Size Is Approximately 12cm Wide By 7cm Tall
Made In Australia


It's hard to find a decent velvet bow tie, let alone a self-tying one. Of those, finding one made of the appropriate weight of fabrics and constructed to create a proper shape and knot, even rarer. So we highly recommend you consider our Nero bow tie, one which has been popular with our customers for years and we are more than happy to tie it before it departs to ensure you get the shape and knot you need.