Shades #2230

  • Shades #2230

Shades #2230


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Silk Eye Shades Finished With A Silk Encased Elastic For A Smooth And Comfortable Rest


You won't find silk eye shades like ours anywhere else in the world.

Silk, which is made up of proteins similar to human skin, fibroin and serecin, is the most comfortable fibre against skin. Our eye shades are completely enveloped in silk making them delightful for meditations, afternoon siestas, Sunday morning sleep ins and sun bathing.

At the rear we have enveloped the elastic in silk and in the front mask we have lined the silk with South Australian felted wool which has the effect of further reducing light from penetrating and giving a soft padded feel against your face. 

You will love our silk eye shades and whether on a flight, by a beach, laying in bed or in an airport lounge, you will find any excuse to put them on.


Whatever ensemble you are wearing and don't forget, our customers often find when travelling that they make excellent pocket squares for their jackets!