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Shades 403 | New!

Shades 403 | New!



Shades 403


100% Italian Jacquard Silk
Completely Enveloped In Silk Elasticated Band
Merino Wool Felted Lining
One Size Fits All
Aviator Shape
Made In Australia


I ordered one of lenoeudpapillion’s silk eye shades after reading several reviews online. My pregnant wife has terrible insomnia and is constantly turning on the bedroom lights to read.    I was looking for something of high quality, beautiful, and comfortable.  I must say my expectations were far exceeded with the quality of the shade and the fit.  Shipping to the United States was easy and quick.  My shade came complete with a beautiful creed scent which made the experience even more relaxing. I will definitely be ordering another shade in the near future!
Rob Weatherbee 
Happy client

Our silk eye shades are completely enveloped in silk to ensure a smooth and comfortable feeling against your face the whole night long whilst the internal padding for the eyes is a felted merino wool. One size fits nearly all adult face sizes. For long flights, long days, siestas, train rides, Sunday morning sleep ins and meditations, you will fall in love with our silk jacquard eye shades. And guess what, our customers tell us they make great pocket squares too! SEE HOW THEY ARE WORN HERE.