Skinny Batwing

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Skinny Batwing - A Thin Bow Tie For The Lean Man


100% Italian Jacquard Woven Mogador Satin Silk
Colour Is Black
Finished With Black Hardware
Hand Stitched Label
Self-Tying But Can Be-Pre-Tied
Skinny Batwing Shape ( approximately 11cm or less wide and 4cm tall)
Made In Australia


The skinny batwing bow tie has a history of being attached to some of the world's most influential men. Albert Einstein wore one, Walter Gropius (the founder of Bauhaus architecture) only wore them, Bill Masters (Masters & Johnson Sex Scientist) was the same. Then there is the playwright Arthur Miller who wore one when Marilyn Monroe was on his arm. Sean Connery's Bond wore one in Dr. No, Charlie Chapin was also known to wear them. In the image attached you will see Australian actor Chris Hemsworth wearing a Le Noeud Papillon skinny batwing in GQ Australia.

Wearing a skinny batwing well is a function of your own stature. It is our recommendation that they are best suited to men who are tall and slim or by contrast for men who are of a shorter stature who do not suit larger bow tie shapes.