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Snow White | New!

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Snow White - Snow White Raedelli Velvet With White Satin Silk Reverso Bow Tie


100% Italian Jacquard Woven Mogador Silk And Viscose Velvet
Colour Is White
Finished With Rose Gold Hardware
Hand Stitched Gold Label
Self-Tying But Can Be-Pre-Tied
Modified Butterfly Pictured
Finished Bow Size Is Approximately 12cm Wide By 7cm Tall
Made In Australia


There are some products which we make which you really cannot find anywhere else in the world. One of which is our Redaelli self tying reverso bow tie in our modified butterfly pattern. It makes such an elegant and deep bow tie that those who love their velvet bow ties cannot resist. By being velvet one side and using our house mogador satin silk on the other, we are able to make a bow tie which ties distinctly differently from our competitors and is able to reveal generous dimples which really bring it together. Don't miss our velvet bow ties, they are much loved. 

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