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The Idyll Of Tony T Kerchief | New!!!

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The Idyll Of Tony T And The Brumbies Of Currango Hand Roll Stiched Kerchief 90cm Square


Limited Edition
Colour Is Mustard, Dusty Pink, Grey, Black, Yellow
Printed In Italy Using Digital Technology. 
Hand Roll Stitched
Made In Italy
90cm Square


If you have followed our Instagram you will know that this design began in late May when I visited Currango in the Kosciuszko National Park of Australia. It pays homage to the man who took me there, Tony T. The wild brumbies were there and Tony almost lost his horse Bob, who might have become part of the brumby pack had two stockmen not found him before dark. I am very happy with the result, the first of a more muted toned kerchief for the more conservative mountain man and something very Australian and very Le Noeud Papillon. 

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