YUTAKA | New!!

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  • YUTAKA | New!!

YUTAKA | New!!

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YUTAKA - One Off Japanese Yuzen Silk Bow Tie Contrasted With LNP House Silks Reverso Bow Tie


100% Japanese, Italian And English Woven Jacquard Silk
Colour Is Multi
Finished With Rose Gold Hardware
Hand Stitched Label
Self-Tying But Can Be-Pre-Tied
Shape Is Modified Butterfly
Skinny Batwing Shape (Approximately 10.5cm x 4cm)
Made In Australia



Japanese Yuzen silk is woven in Japan by locally woven silk spun from Japanese sericulture. The silk is then treated with a starch resist and dyed using traditional dye stuffs. Some Yuzen silks take weeks to complete, hand-painted and dyed by Japanese artisans that have been perfecting the technique for 300 years. A limited selection of Yuzen silks have been contrasted with our Le Noeud Papillon woven jacquard silks from Italy. They are a statement bow tie, to be worn sparingly and preserved for the next generation.