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A Cream Tie On A Navy Suit Is Super Elegant

by Nicholas Atgemis |

The other night I had my first parent teacher night and because my daughter's mother is particularly fond of appearances and in order to foster good will with her, I donned a navy suit, a new cream shirt, a cream and mid blue repeat Marinella tie (because it has that sort of Old World elegance about it) an a white pochette. Nice, clean - picket fenced (it I didn't look so grizzly with my big ol' salt and peppered beard).
For me the double four in hand on a silk twill tie is about as close to WASP as I ever get, especially when paired with a blue suit. I don't do it often, but since the school is Church Of England I felt compelled to appear the least flamboyant as my flamboyant self could be, even choosing my suit with the most British cut of them all. 
And the result .... I still got an earful from the mother of my daughter but later still I received a text message "thank you for showing up early and you looked good in your suit". Between hearing that my daughter is doing just fine and that compliment, I had a tear in my eye. You see, dressing well can still win you friends and influence people even if the current soup du jour look is to be a barefooted billionaire.
E Marinella Tie Le Noeud Papillon Nicholas Atgemis