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1. Can we reach you by phone?
Yes, you can call +612 8001 6684 and speak to our reception Monday to Friday (8am -5.30pm) and you can leave a voicemail outside these hours. But the best way to contact us via the contact page.


2. Do you ship worldwide?
Yes!! Shipping is $17 AUD for domestic and $25 AUD for international parcels. Express Service shipping is $60 for Australia and $72 for International Parcels. 

3. What does TYO stand for?
It means Tie Your Own, that is, a bow tie which you must tie yourself.
le noeud papillon patented clip system bow ties rose gold luxury silk australian made

4. What does 'pre-tied' mean?
On velvet bows it means the knot is permanently tied. On the TYO models it means the bow can be unfastened without unfastening the knot. This is done by a set of clips on the rear strap.
All our self-tying bow ties are finished with an adjustable strap and clip system which allows you to unfasten the bow tie without unfastening the knot.
5. What size neck will the bow fit?
From 36cm (14 inches) to 51cm (20 inches). However, this will vary with some specialty silks such as 'repps' and 'mogador'. If you are concerned, please email us prior to checking out.

6. What is the size of your bow ties?
Our bow ties vary in size depending on how you tie them. That being said, we have listed below two of our more popular shapes and their dimensions as we tie them in-house. The size of a bow tie may vary between silks and between the personal habits of how some men tie their bow ties. If you have any cause for concern, please contact us prior to checking out. 

 All our self-tying bow ties are finished with an adjustable strap and clip system which allows you to unfasten the bow tie without unfastening the knot.
7. How should I care for my bow tie?
You should look after your bow tie as it will reward you for decades to come if you do. Regular pruning and the occasional dry clean should keep your collection of bow ties looking their absolute best. Remember to take note of our HOW TO CARE page.

8. What is the best way to tie my bow tie?
Only you know the answer to this as it's to one's taste as to how they knot their bow. We offer a variety of videos on how to tie a bow tie on our YouTube channel but ultimately the more you tie a bow, the more you will develop your own style of knotting them. Click here. 


Terms And Conditions Of Using This Website 

1. We will only exchange if the product is faulty or damaged upon delivery. We will not refund or exchange the purchased item based on colour variation between website and silk and/or style variation. So please, choose carefully, and contact us if you have any concerns before purchasing.

2. We do not take responsibility for shipment once the parcel has been lodged with Australia Post. For domestic Australian parcels, if your parcel has not arrived in 48 hours please notify us via email immediately. For international buyers, a photograph of your parcel will be sent to your specified email prior to dispatch with all relevant information about your parcel.

3. There are no exchanges or returns on any items where a sale or coupon code has been redeemed through the website on part or all of the transaction or where an item has been marked down from it's original RRP. Sale items are considered non-refundable and non-returnable so please shop carefully and ask questions before checking out.

4. If you wish your bow tie to be tied for you, please let us know at the time of check out. We will happily tie your TYO bow tie before dispatching!

5. When using discount codes or purchasing products at prices less than the recommended retail price listed, Le Noeud Papillon of Sydney reserves the right to bundle multiple items into packaging boxes or to switch to bubble envelope packaging where sale stock is heavily discounted. If you require additional gift boxes whilst using sale codes they can be purchased by making a direct enquiry using the contact tabs at the side of the page. 

6. Le Noeud Papillon of Sydney reserves the right to remove discount codes listed if we feel the discount codes are being abused. This applies to codes sent out via various mediums including Facebook, Instagram, Blogger, Pinterest, Emails & The Website. 

7. If an error has been made in the packing list of your order please make contact with us within 48 hours of the goods being received. We ask you to take a photo of the parcel so that we can verify that the bows ordered were not packed. We will ensure that a solution is found as soon as possible once we have received confirmation. Where a limited edition silk has been discontinued or where a product is no longer available for purchase we will offer another bow tie or a full refund on the products deemed to have been incorrectly sent. Please note this does not apply to the whole order.

8. Please refer to our full terms and conditions below and please do not hesitate to contact us prior to ordering your bow tie if you have any concerns about the terms and use of this website..