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A Very Good Day To Shop Our Website

by Nicholas Atgemis |

Hand Made Self Tying Bow Ties Artisan Sydney Australia Le Noeud Papillon
There is not really more money you can spend on designing, setting up and weaving silk than we spend on it. Aside from going down the path of weaving real gold thread. This is perhaps the last aspect of silk weaving we haven't considered. Our new Boticelli fabrics are sublime. Unique fabrics that will stand the test of time as some of the most heavily invested in fabrics we've done to date. We've made silks that are the highest possible level of production in satins for example, where warp and weft are made of the same yarn and densely woven at 170 pic. It was unheard of when I first put my hand across it and so rich and lustrous. But then, that's plain fabrics and most regular bow tie wearers don't crave satin silks for their every day attire. Anyway, it's the middle of the pandemic, so today I suspect these bow ties will not be sold until the last sale codes are delivered. Which means it's a very good day to shop our website.