I had always wanted to do an Australian native flora and fauna silk and I gave some rough sketchings (I am really not a natural illustrator) to my graphic designer Adnan and after almost six months I got back the next design we have run together and I am excited by it. When I go about designing a scarf these days I am looking not for what happens in the four corners. I am looking instead for the movement and detail in the middle of the square and the reason on a 90 x 90 that that's important is that when you fold and tie the scarf, these are the bits that mostly show. Especially the way I tie it myself. Which is something that has been somewhat frustrating with other brands, because they seem to keep the details too close to the border.

In my opinion, there is not enough printing of fabrics with Australian native elements although in doing my research I did find that Hermes had on one or two occasions made an homage to Australia in it's designs. 

So, onwards and upwards, let's hope this one is a success story and at the same time we have put into production some other new designs for pochettes and scarves that will be extra plain but extra elegant, because, sometimes, less is so much more.