For a long time now the only magazine I have thought of reading regarding menswear is The Rake. GQ and the like just publish rubbish. I can't give it more than 2 minutes of my time. The Rake of course was perhaps a little too self serving in recent years, the problem being that they were trying to adopt the Mr. Porter model of using content to sell product and then of course you have that naturally occurring thing where eventually, like this post in fact to some degree, it just so happens that what and who they anoint in menswear happens to fit in precisely with what they are selling. No biggie, it is to be expected, but sadly the whole world wants to vertically integrate these days. 

And that is not to say that Sarto Magazine, founded by Chuck Pollard below won't head that way eventually. But for the moment it is fresh and founded by men who wear and love fine menswear every day of the week and enjoy the finer points of arts and culture. 

I am super happy with the content. And, with a warm dollop of double standards on everything I just wrote above, I appreciate that they have featured our bow ties and bunds in this issue. 

Anyway, I love following Wei Koh and I enjoy his sense of style, but it is nice to have a new voice. The world of fine menswear has until now been dominated by three voices, namely Simon Crompton, Wei Koh and Alexander Kraft - and all are friends. Chuck Pollard brings an American voice into the mix from across the Atlantic. That is a nice addition. 

Good luck Chuck and Co - I will be looking forward to seeing how you guys progress. 





bow ties usa


bow ties usa




Ready for NYE? I love this chic look below. And you will compliment her perfectly in a classic tuxedo. 


new years eve sydney