Hunter Valley Zoo

Hunter Valley Zoo

There is a wonderful privilege in going to a zoo. It's a day out and there is something about having such a wide and varied range of animals to have time with. Of course, it's sad to see them caged. I can't deny that. But the flip side is that if everyone was to try and fly to Africa to see gorillas in the jungle, there would be an even greater cost on our environment. 

Anyway, this weekend I visited the Hunter Valley Zoo again with my daughter and it was a wonderful day out and her and her friend played with kangaroos, fed billy goats and bambis, fed a camel, watched a lion play with a rubber soccer ball and spent time with rosellas in a walk in menagerie. 

And out of it all will probably come some wonderful silks over the next 24 months. I really love walking around with my camera out. And it reminds me of that wonderful song by Simon & Garfunkel where you do often feel the subtleties of their behaviour and equate them with human qualities. 

If you have time to go there, I recommend a visit to Hunter Valley Zoo. 


hunter valley zoo

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