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In Praise Of The Ruffled Dinner Shirt

by Nicholas Atgemis |

Not everyone can pull of a ruffled dinner shirt. It has that 70's peacock appeal but the problem is that most people in today's climate would make it look Austin Powers cheesey. However, Andy has made it work for him. Read our instagram post below.

I prematurely posted this image of Andy the other night that was his ensemble for a trip to Las Vegas. He's channelling the 70's with a ruffled bib shirt he designed with the wonderful artisan shirt makers at @buddshirtmakers of which we once interviewed their cutter @cutteratbudd James for our own blog. The wide beige shawl lapel works so well with the shirt and his eye for good tailoring and proportions means his look, though referencing 70s black tie, is still so fresh even in 2019. And you can see said ensemble at the @bellagio by following through to @styleafter50 .

andy poupart black tie bow tie style influence le noeud papillon