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Le Noeud Papillon Silk And Lurex Bomber Jackets - Bespoke Orders Only Through The Sydney Studio

by Nicholas Atgemis |

We have decided on a price for the silk and lurex bespoke bomber jackets. That price is $7500.00 AUD . It's the most we've put on any of our work to date but it factors in the cost of setting up the most expensive silks to produce by way of both artwork and per lineal metre cost. Then we have to take into account the bespoke made and the fact that the customer can choose from a myriad of internal finishes. There are three fittings involved, the first produced in canvas. This is a proper experience and one that renders at the end of it, a work of art.
As Oscar Wilde once wrote, one can either be a work of art or wear one. As I middle age, I am inclined to believe I am long past being a work of art, so I choose to go with the fabrics we develop to cloak me as one :) . Of course, we don't expect to sell many, there are so few men out there with the balls to pull this jacket off and of course, it is highly unlikely that in the middle of a pandemic and with unemployment on the rise, that this will be seen as soup du jour fashion. Nevertheless, we soldier on and wish to be there for you when things take a turn for the better. In the meantime, see the details of the jacket on our Instagram.

Edward in a first sample leopard bomber jacket.

Our resident tailor who will finish your jacket over three fittings and to your exact specifications.