New Bow Ties Are Live

New Bow Ties Are Live

Firstly, allow me to apologise to you. I noticed all our new garza grossa and fina neck ties said they were made in Australia on the website. This is not correct. They are made in Italy. When we make in Australia you should see on the rear blade of the neck tie tipping a small map of Australia in gold.

Onwards we go.

Make Me An Offer

One of my favourite things to do is to shop Ebay on the sellers that have the button MAKE AN OFFER. And as soon as my web developer says she can do it on my website I will add it on. I love it. You never know what someone might accept and I have secured some remarkable deals on hard to find items.

In short, make me an offer if you want to secure something early and please don't ask for personalised service in the last 30 minutes of our sales, it's boring. You have so much time to make a decision prior. We are just offering you a chance to build out your bow tie collection with what didn't sell that week.

The Sexually Charged Bow Tie Wearer

We who hand tie our bow ties are often maligned because Pee Wee Herman wore a bow tie or as long neck tie wearers like to say, especially the alpha male power suit guy, a bow tie looks like you've been neutered. Yes, the long neck tie is more phallic and points to the place we find to be our most sacred spot. However, it is not my experience of our customers. In fact, our customers seem to have extremely active sexual lives, so much so that I sometimes have to cover my ears. I think perhaps this is because in many instances they might look gregarious but many are softly spoken. And as a wiser man once told me "best go quietly through the jungle if you want to have a feed".

Anyway, I just wanted to quash that nasty slur from the long tie neck wearers.

On a side note, we have some wonderful new items coming your way so stay tuned. In fact, one parcel just came in from Italy not 30 seconds ago and I am yet to open it.

And I just signed off on our new swim shorts range and about that I will say that half the designs are based on perfume ingredients and I think you are going to love them, but you never know until they are landed.

Finally I wish to recommend to you some television I have been enjoying:

Mare Of Eastown - yes I know everyone has seen it.
Vigil - set on a British nuclear submarine.
The White Lotus - not that far into it but so far its great television.
Game Of Thrones - watching the first seasons again and it's still such a fantastic show. Never dull. So much fornication and violence that it appeals to every base nature that exists in us. When I watch it I just want to have a cote de boeuf and a huge fork to stab my meat with it.

Anyway, you know how to find me. +61413140994
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