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New Cushions - Slowly Trickling In

by Nicholas Atgemis |

Our new prototypes for cushions and pillow slips are finished and I have been entertaining myself by chopping up silks from our collection and filling my own home with them as we try to perfect (though one never reaches perfection, perhaps the word is hone or refine) our make and slowly slowly they are becoming little works of art that make me very happy because it's another way I can engage my silks on a daily basis. A few of our best customers and some of our suppliers have received one on the house. I am still awaiting their feedback. Without wanting to sound pretentious, though I can be, they are made of silks that I doubt any other companies in the world today are using in production and I am super proud to be working with the silk looms that I do, because knowing that you are using the best ingredients, whether it's a cushion, a bow tie or anything else we produce, just makes it that much more unique than what else is on offer out there. And to our customers, I invite you to contact me should you ever see a silk you want as a cushion or pillow slip, we can turn them around within 72 hours. As always, I am available on WhatsApp on +61413140994 . 


Silk Cushion By Le Noeud Papillon Sydney


Silk Cushions By Le Noeud Papillon