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New Printed Velvets Coming

by Nicholas Atgemis |

Unfortunately I won't be getting to handle any of the silk before it departs Europe this year so increasingly I am relying on contacts in Italy and the UK to touch and feel it for me before it gets sent. Accordingly, until it reaches the Studio it's really hard to tell what it's best use will be. Cushions, most likely, for the most recent printed velvets, but if it's possible, they will become bow ties and eye shades too. It really all depends on the size of the repeat. 

We are still having set backs on many of the new lines we were working on. Our boardshorts are not due in until November now but at the same time, we have at least taken possession of all of our Johnston's of Elgin order and the bulk of our Begg X Co stock. 

Keep an eye our next week for this beautiful printed velvet which will, fingers crossed, be coming in with four other designs which are perhaps not as enticing but equally as brilliant.