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The Great Pleasures Of This Job...

by Nicholas Atgemis |

In eleven years we have generated relationships with customers all around the world and I have met up with them in cities such as Milan, New York and Paris. It is a great pleasure to meet them - they are always different and seldom do they not surprise me. The last customer I caught up with was Phillip Carmody in Melbourne. He is a school teacher specialising in music and when I saw him standing there in a bowler hat I thought 'no, that can't be him'. We'd spoken on the phone but I'd never managed to get an image of him. He has a radio announcers style of voice, one which did not befit the eccentric tartan suited bow tie wearing beard loving bowler hatting man in front of me. And what a pleasure it was to sit down and just talk. Such a pleasure and I am so glad he let me take this photo of him. Mission documented. Now to the next eccentric!