It is not that I wanted to start a business selling perfume nor that I ever wanted to become a hobbyist perfumer but that seems to be where this business is heading right now given the amount of time I am tinkering around in the workroom with scents.

I thought this morning I would explain to you succinctly, in a video, the quality and the practicality of the new atomisers we have just released onto the website. 

And with regards to the limited edition offer, it's not that I wish to atomise scents for a living, I would prefer to see Ebayers do that, but I do want to share the lovely scents I own and the inimitable scents I have made myself and paired myself together in the Studio during this quiet period of lockdown 2.0 in Sydney. 

Watch the video and I hope it is clear enough and I hope you don't miss out on these scents before they are gone.