To Still Wear Silk In The Heat

To Still Wear Silk In The Heat

I am not one to suffer for fashion. Even enduring a black tie wedding mid summer in Australia is a form of torture that force you to really consider your love for those getting married who wish to force you in January heat to wear a tuxedo. But I have found that wool can be cool in the middle of summer - sort of - it's still better to go for a Hawaiian shirt and linen shorts to be fair. 

With last week's heat wave in Sydney I decided to experiment with a more relaxed look for the evening and so I decided to try on a cream suit with merely a pocket square to be my only accoutrement in silk - I couldn't tie anything around me neck, even as the evening breeze cooled the city. 

There are ways to wear silk that don't always require you to tie something around your neck and frankly this is the lowest bearing fruit. I have paired our Kastellorizo silk double printed pochette with a cream suit and a Zimmerli modal long sleeve t shirt. The wool is from Aman at Sterling Cloth - it's a super 180's wool and cashmere that in the afternoon sunlight looks as delicious as vanilla bean icecream. And my advice is this, if it's going to be a hot El Nino summer, think about a colour of suit that won't absorb the heat. Cream is a good start. 

Anyway, I hope you find your way of doing summer suiting or at least a manner in which you incorporate good tailoring into your evenings - otherwise we all end up looking like we've gone troppo. 


Nicholas Atgemis Le noeud papillon silk pocket squares sydney 


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