Don't get me wrong, I was dead against the stacks for a long time. So much so that I would lay into a particular friend that used to turn up to our beach swims in the mornings with the latest Nike and Adidas sportwear and a big stack on his arm behind his apple watch. But, I caved in. Firstly I caved in because this same person had a memento mori skull bracelet - and I have always been a fan of anything memento mori. Then later still I came to embrace something, well, something that might have only spawned out of the transgender confusion and milieu that came over the past few years as everyone got lost in the pronouns and everything got shoved into the blender, on the other side of it all, no, I would venture to say, quietly during all the confusion, that's better, I decided well to hell with it I am going to start wearing tennis bracelets if nobody knows anymore what is Martha and what is Arthur. This new project is a tri colour RZ stone on a sterling silver setting which is for the unisexuals, the gender 0's and gender 1's and the gender 10 and 01's. In this new world you can wear anything you want to, and I choose tennis bracelets because I once wore heels as Dame Edna and let me tell you this, life's a bitch when you want to be a lady.