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Who Wore It Better - I'd Say Prince Charles....

by Nicholas Atgemis |


Right now departing Como, Italy are our new silk squares at 90x90cm hand-roll stitched. It's the first time I have taken the plunge in producing anything larger than our 45cm squares as kerchiefs. My first Hermes scarf was what caused me to make the jump. I wear them skiing, tying them around my neck and tucking them beneath my t-shirt or sweater beneath my ski jacket. The look is, for me anyway, very dashing. I wouldn't do it if I didn't think it added a certain flair. I thought I was the first to do it you see, that sort of ridiculous idea that you sometimes get that you are the renegade, the outlier, the man who is pushing the boundaries of menswear... Only it turns out, like everything else I've ever had a nudge at in menswear, someone's already done it before you. It makes me feel a little let down, like some screaming Mugatu who says to Derek Zoolander 'I invented the piano neck tie Derek, I invented it, what did you ever do?' It was an image on The Rake Online's Instagram that deflated me. There was Prince Charles wearing what appeared to be Dunhill sunglasses, hair parted at the side, still a full mop of brown, dressed impeccably in a onesie in a solid colour contrasted by a yellow skivvy and a silk kerchief tied, well, not as I'd tie one, but still, definitely letting everyone know he peacocking on the slopes. As for me, you can't see mine as much when it's tucked in, but as I duck in to get an espresso at the bar down comes the zipper and out comes the silk. Keep an eye out for the new kerchiefs when they arrive later this week. How I am going to photograph them God only knows.

Prince Charles Zermatt 1982

Nicholas Atgemis kerchief silk hermes