Wedding Bow Ties

In the realm of wedding bow ties we have also seen a cultural shift from the traditional black satin and grosgrain silk bow ties of the past to a movement towards the 'occasion' bow tie and the 'creative' black tie look as standards in dress evolve. Whatever you wish to create, a neck tie, a bow tie or anything else you have in mind, we are almost certain to be able to make it. We have over 200 silks on hand and over 4000 swatches of silks which can be made to order (with a surcharge) . Matching colours of bridal party fabrics with our silks or finding a silk which complements the bride or bridesmaids dresses is just one service we offer customers who visit our Sydney Studio or enquire online. This same service also extends to hand-made silk lapel flowers and hand-roll stitched pocket squares. 

Our Weddings Bow Ties

Classic Wedding Bow Ties

Classic wedding bow ties will be in either black satin silk or black grosgrain silk. Other classic fabrics are wool barathea, silk moire and silk barathea. We highly recommend for a classic wedding bow tie that you try to match the silk on the facing of your dinner suit with that of your bow tie. 

Occasion Wedding Bow Ties

When a groom is marrying during the day or where the wedding is split over a day and evening, many modern grooms and wedding parties are veering away from traditional black and white dinner suits and opting for navy suits or else in some other instances, for example tropical weddings, they are opting for less formal bow ties that appear more day casual to be worn with sports jackets.

Creative Black Tie

Creative black tie is a very loose concept for anything which falls outside classic wedding evening attire. Creative black tie might see the use of velvets, wools, contrast fabrics, reflective silks with polymer based fibres woven into the silk jacquards. Often, for example, we are asked to take swatches of bride and bridesmaid dresses and either fabric match or use the dress fabric in the construction of the bow tie and pocket square. This work is usually done via consultation in our Studio in Sydney or via email.

We keep an exceptional amount of woven silk jacquards on hand to ensure that when you have an idea, we will be able to turn it into a reality.

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