A New Design Based On Sandro Boticelli's La Primavera

A New Design Based On Sandro Boticelli's La Primavera

There are those images in life that strike you and you never forget them. Sometimes it's a poster, sometimes graffiti, sometimes a canvas. And of course, anyone that used Adobe will know that Boticelli is the logo you have known for 30 years as you loaded up your software. 

In January on a quiet morning in the Ufizzi I managed to get so close to La Primavera for the first time that I both set off the alarm and raise the attention of the staff as I went in nice and close to get a photo of the fabrics in La Primavera. I was so happy I could not tell you. Later in my hotel room I was inspired in a way that I had not felt in some time. Back at the loom I asked my contacts whether or not Boticelli might have had those fabrics woven. No, it wasn't possible during the Renaissance. But modern technology, iPads, computers, Whatsapp and so on have brought together a number of talents plus MOI and together we put this design into play this last week.

I love it. I hope you'll love it too. 

Boticelli Fabric La Primavera Le Noeud Papillon Sydney Australia

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