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by Nicholas Atgemis |

To be fair, it will be a long time before we get a definitive study and assessment of how effective cloth masks were in the fight against Covid. I have read in some articles that it decreases the chance of contracting disease - bacterial or viral - by a factor of five. What a subjective thing that is though. I would not rely on anything to be honest. Nothing except your own common sense. Wash your hands, stay inside, if you go out, cover your face. In an instance the other week I will tell you three things I observed. 1. I watched my breath whilst I was vaping on the couch. I breathed out. I was surprised, it travelled half the room. Covid stays in the air for up to 12 hours. What do you think about that? I deduced that when I pass a runner on the promenade, he's still breathing on me even after he passed. 2. I went to grocery store. I went to lick my fingers so I could open a plastic bag to put fresh tomatoes in. I couldn't lick my finger because my finger was blocked by my mask. Then I looked at the tomatoes. Who else had touched them? I bought them still. But I washed them and my hands when I got home. 3. I am conscious of Covid every time I am wearing a mask - it's on my face, the elastic is pressing on my ears, though it doesnt irritate my face, my ears feel it, so I don't want it all day. To be honest, it makes me limit my movements. I become, not paranoid, but aware. This is not business as usual. It's a pandemic. Don't forget it. Drop your guard, it could be you. Don't touch that pole if you can avoid it. Don't grab onto that railing if you can avoid it. And finally, when you get home, take it off. Breathe. Wash it. Another day done.