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by Nicholas Atgemis |

It can be a thankless job. There are times when on a Monday morning when I am packing and sending and adding in little small gifts as a token of my appreciation for our customers that I think to myself 'am I making a difference'. The stoics said that if a man were to live well he had to remain relevant to the society and times in which he lived. Viktor Frankl also believed this, that man's search for meaning and purpose was above all the most important aspect of one's life, beyond the pursuit of happiness, beyond the pursuit of wealth etc.
Anyway, without further ado, and without wanting to get ahead of my skis, I was very chuffed to get the testimonial below sent through from a new customer of ours.
Hello Le Noeud Papillon,
I wanted to share with you a story from today. A seven year old girl with mucopolysaccharidosis, who needs to come into hospital weekly for treatments, absolutely loves the colour purple. Last week when she came in she was very upset about some challenges she’d had sleeping. I promised her next week I’d wear a purple tie.
Today I wore your perfect bow tie, purple with white polka dots (and reverso of purple satin) and she was thrilled. I promised her at the start of her treatment (which takes 6 hours) if she weren’t too tired at the end I’d show her how it’s tied. After waiting patiently, she was totally enthralled with how it works.
Thank you for making wonderful bow ties!
C. Kundle,
Canberra, Australia.