I have no doubt I will be writing more on the subject of my most recent trek in the Snowy Mountains as it was quite an adventure but for the moment I am focusing on the silks that will come from it. Of the four days I spent out in the back country three were in a blizzard and or white out.
I met some exceptional people , mostly men, though I travelled with two exceptional women who were both faster across the snow and more adept at cross country skiing than myself. It was a privilege to be amongst younger, fitter and better skilled mountaineers.

Anyway, suffice to say I am back on deck and here to serve you. And on a good note, whilst I was away the deliveries arrived for our new lambswool and angora scarves which are geared towards business suiting. As per usual, I am going to sell everything down by the end of the week including the latest wonderful bow ties in English printed silk which are just off the bench. Stay tuned. You know how to find me - +61413140994

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